BSA Troop # 846

Scoutmaster's Welcome

Meetings and Programs

Troop meetings are held every Monday night year-round from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at Sugarloaf United Methodist Church in Suwanee. At least one campout or troop activity is scheduled for each month with destinations and times based on availability and the scheduling of other scouting events. The program for the Troop is planned by the Patrol Leaders Council (the boy leaders in the Troop) and the Troop adult leaders (the Scoutmaster and his assistants). It is approved by the Troop Committee. The Scouting program includes activities during Troop meetings, camping trips, outings and service projects. At the age of eleven or twelve, boys need to begin developing their leadership skills and in scouts we work to give the boys opprotunities to lead and to be a part of a team that focuses on setting goals. Scouting offers a great way to develop boys into men and followers into leaders. Please check the Troop 846 Calendar for the dates and times of all meetings and activities. Your ideas for the program are always welcome.


Troop 846 was chartered in March 2003, and is sponsored by Sugarloaf United Methodist Church . The Troop Committee is composed of a chairman and as many interested parents or other adults as wish to participate. The Committee is responsible for providing general supervision and support of the Troop, and meets the last Sunday of every month. Parent participation is critical to the successful experience for your son so if you would like to enrich your life and participate as an adult leader, please contact Robert Yeager to obtain an application. You will soon find yourself caught up in the excitement that can only come from Scouting! I am the Scoutmaster of the Troop and have been on the job for about 2 years but have been involved in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts for the last 12 years and it has been a wonderful expirience to watch the boys have fun and grow into men. We do have four assistant Scoutmasters and all of us are dedicated to the principles and ideals of Scouting and hope to inspire each young man who joins the Troop to learn the Scouting method. As a Scoutmaster, my job is to carry out the program, to train Scouts in leadership and Scout skills, and to encourage each Scout to advance through Scouting to the best of his ability.


The cost of the Scouting program is the responsibility of the Scout and his parents. Initial costs are as follows: Troop Dues $110.00 per year due in November. (pro-rated if the Scout joins during the year).

Your son will need a Boy Scout Handbook and a complete Field uniform to get started in Scouting. The following items can be purchased for about $70.00 at the Northeast Georgia Council Scout Shop in Lawrenceville, or at the Atlanta Area Council Scout Shop in Marietta (Google for directions):

  • Boy Scout Handbook
  • Scout Shirt (short sleeve)
  • Atlanta Area Area Council Patch
  • Unit Numbers (8, 4, 6)
  • World Crest Emblem 
  • Shoulder Loops (pair)
  • Scout Shorts
  • Scout Socks
  • Scout Trousers (optional if you have scout shorts)
  •  Scout Web Belt & Buckle

If you enjoy internet shopping , you can buy these items online at or print out a list to take with you to one of the Scout Shops.

The proper placement of badges and insignia is shown on the inside front and back covers of the Boy Scout Handbook. If you lack the funds to purchase a complete uniform, the Troop Committee Chairperson may be able to help in this area. Also, the Troop may have some "experienced" uniforms that we could provide to your Scout.

New Scouts will also need a red embroidered Troop Neckerchief and a BSA metal neckerchief slide when they join our Troop. Additional Troop Neckerchiefs can be purchased for $12.00.


The Troop participates in several fundraising activities. The Troop keeps a portion of all money made by a Scout for the Troop in a Troop sponsored fundraising program. The remaining portion goes into a special account for that Scout. The Scout can use their portion of the profits to pay for Troop dues, camping fees, or to purchase Scout related gear.


For your son to join our Troop, you must fill out a Boy Scout Application form (including the Class 1 Personal Health History on the back), and pay the initial Troop dues of $110.00 (pro-rated).  A parent or guardian must complete and sign the Class 1 Personal Health History before your son can participate in any Troop outing or campout. If a registered Scout transfers to the Troop, he must pay the $110.00 Troop dues for one year, plus a $1.00 transfer fee. After joining the Troop, the Scout will be responsible for $110.00 annual dues, due in November of each year.


Scouts in our Troop proudly wear their Class A uniform at every regular Troop meeting, Patrol Leader's Council, Troop Court of Honor and when traveling with the Troop. The Field uniform consists of a Scout Shirt with proper insignia (listed on previous page), Scout Shorts or Trousers, Scout Belt, Scout Socks, and the Troop Neckerchief. If Scout Trousers are worn, Scout Socks are not required. The Troop Neckerchief and Merit Badge Sash must be worn at Boards of Review and Courts of Honor. Our Troop does not require wearing Scout hats, but if a hat is worn, it must be Scout related. The Activity uniform (formerly called Class B uniform) is a Scout related T-shirt in place of the Scout Shirt. A Scout Belt, Scout Shorts, and Scout Socks (or Scout Trousers) must still be worn. Activity uniforms are worn during campouts and other Troop activities.

Troop Equipment

The Troop supplies tents, cooking gear and utensils, propane lanterns, and propane stoves for each patrol in the Troop. This equipment is purchased with money from dues and with funds earned by the Scouts and/or the parents during approved fund raising projects. Camping trips will be paid for by the Scout and will include food, transportation, and admission costs.

Personal Camping Gear



Unlike Cub Scouts, parents are not required to attend Boy Scout campouts. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend Troop activities. Only registered adult leaders and Scouts are covered by BSA insurance. Each Scout is required to attend the regular Monday night Troop meetings in order to participate in Troop weekend campouts or Summer Camp. The intent is not to prevent anyone from participating in Troop events, but to ensure that each Scout is fully prepared to participate in the Troop camping program. A Class 2 Medical Evaluation form is required for any Scout to attend a BSA camp, and must be updated each year.  Enclosed is a form for your family doctor to complete. The Class 1 Personal Health History must be updated each year and signed by the Scout's parent. Troop adult leaders must have a Class 3 Medical Evaluation form completed by a doctor prior to attending a BSA camp.

Special Events

The Troop holds a Court of Honor twice each year. At this time, awards earned by the Scouts will be presented. Families are asked to attend and join in the presentations of awards to their sons. Full uniform is required for all Courts of Honor. [Back to Top] Advancement The Boy Scout program, different from Cub Scouts and Webelos, is designed to give each boy a chance to stand on his own two feet. An Assistant Scoutmaster is assigned to each Patrol to help them learn Scout skills and advance in rank The Assistant Scoutmasters are assisted by Troop Guides, Junior Assistant Scoutmasters, and Instructors who are boy leaders in the Troop. Boys are allowed to progress at their own pace. After they earn the Scout rank, they can work on Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements simultaneously. Competition among boys is minimized. If they are actively involved, and regularly attend the Troop meetings and campouts, they should easily make First Class within 18 months. Our goal is for the boys to have fun-while learning useful, lifelong skills. Merit Badges can also be earned along the way. They are required for the advanced ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle. This program gives parents a chance to lend their expertise on a variety of subjects by volunteering to teach a Merit Badge course. Many merit badges can be completed in four weeks. In fact, we now require that each parent participate as a Merit Badge Counsler for the merit badges that their skills qualify them to assist the boys in the Troop...because without us, they will not advance.

Troop Rules

  1. On any Scout function, no tobacco products, alcohol, or controlled substances will be allowed, other than medication prescribed by a licensed physician. Any medication should be turned over to an adult leader in charge prior to departing.
  2. On any Scout function, Scouts must remain in the area designated by adult leaders. Scouts must obtain permission from an adult leader prior to going on a hike or leaving the area.
  3. Hazing, initiation and/or harassment is not allowed and will not be tolerated at any times in Scouting.
  4. Scouts are responsible for their portion of the food purchased once a commitment is made to attend a camping trip. These costs must be reimbursed to the Scout making the food purchases unless the patrol leader had been notified prior to the food purchase.
  5. Fighting, physical or verbal abuse, or the use of profane language will not be tolerated.
  6. Camping is an outdoor experience. Personal items such as Cell Phones, electronic games, radios, CD players, etc., are not appropriate on campouts or Troop outings. Any such devices that are seen on Troop outings will be turned in to the Camp Master and returned to the scout at the end of the Troop outing.
  7. Scouts are expected to show respect for adult leaders, their fellow scouts, the scout program and the outdoors at all time.
  8. Scouts are expected to demonstrate "Scout Spirit". Scout spirit is a requirement for all rank advancements. Scout spirit includes such common courtesies as respect and cooperation. Violation of these rules will result in the Scout being sent home at his expense. A Scout and their parents will also be asked to appear before a quorum of the Troop Committee if serious rules violations occur.

If you have any questions, please call on the Troop adult leaders or members of the Troop Committee.